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This book is dedicated to “serendipity.” The serendipity that led to me walking into a patient's room one weekend and finding there the person who would become my doctoral advisor. The serendipity that led to that surprising day when, after years of saying “no” to treating patients for their dizziness, I saw my first patient with BPPV and was forever “hooked” by that patient's gratitude. The serendipity that led to me working at Hopkins and NIH. The serendipity that led to four colleagues sitting down and planning a competency-based course in Vestibular Rehabilitation that we thought would last maybe 3 or 4 years. The serendipity that put so many wonderful opportunities in my life. The serendipity that put so many incredible people in my life. The grace that led me to take advantage of it all.


I would like to dedicate this book to my family who has supported me throughout, to my colleagues who have contributed to this book and to my education, and to my friend, colleague, mentor, and coeditor whose knowledge, guidance, and inspiration have been critical to my professional growth.


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