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Wendy Bircher, PT, EdD


Physical Therapist Assistant Program

San Juan College

Farmington, NM

Claudia B. Fenderson, PT, EdD, PCS


Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Mercy College

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Caroline Goulet, PT, PhD


Director of Physical Therapy

University of the Incarnate Word

San Antonio, TX

Patricia S. Hodson, PT, DPT, PCS

Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Education

Physical Therapy

East Carolina University

Greenville, NC

Kristin J. Krosschell, PT, MA, PCS

Assistant Professor

Department of Physcial Therapy & Human Movement Sciences

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Chicago, IL

Jennifer Lander, EdD, PT

Associate Professor

Physical Therapy Department

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Savannah, GA

Sandra M. Marden-Lokken, MA, PT

Assistant Professor

Physical Therapy

The College of St. Scholastica

Duluth, MN

Marie A. Reilly, PT, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Department of Allied Health Science

Division of Physcial Therapy

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC

Judith C. Vestal, PhD, LOTR

Associate Professor

School of Allied Health Professions

Louisiana State University

Shreveport, LA

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