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We can only begin to acknowledge the many people who have assisted and supported us as we have moved this concept from a conversation over coffee to a finished textbook.

Elon University and Alamance Regional Medical Center generously granted us access to their facilities and equipment during photography and video sessions. Our colleagues at these institutions also supplied equipment, helped identify patient volunteers, and provided valuable feedback on current practices. Special thanks go to Yvonne Gillam for her patience and skill in organizing the video shoot, to Tiffany Needham for her outstanding organizational skills and unfailingly positive attitude, and to Toni Roberson at Alamance Community College for her gracious assistance with equipment for special environments.

The visual images for this manuscript would not have been possible without the expert services of Center City Film & Video and of Jason Torres Photography. We are grateful to Terry Christian for her make-up artistry. We also thank Rachael Wallace-Johansson for her photographic contributions and Ken Muzzillo and his colleagues at Advanced Seating and Mobility in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We were fortunate to have many willing volunteers for the filming sessions: Judy Allen, Jerry Amash, Amber Anderson, Jamie Anderson, Bill Andrews, Andrea Attori, Adam Autry, Nathan Bilodeau, Susan Bilodeau, Tyrone Bishop, Corey Bodey, Deborah Bryan, Marsha Edmonds, Sara Fleming, Jane Freund, Jeremy Gates, Barbara Guy, Stewart Holt, Don Johansson, Lucy Johansson, Patricia Johansson, Daryl Lawson, Cynthia Lewis, Dusty Resh, Sandra Fields, Carolyn Johnson, Mike Johnson, Tiffany Needham, Emily Parker, Chris Ridenour, Scott Rytter, JC Swanner, Bob Truitt, and George Wentz.

Special thanks also go to Cheri Schauer-Crabb for her immense help at the conceptual stage of this project; to Bill Andrews, Tiffany Needham, and Traci Little for their valuable feedback regarding current practice; to Stacy Thurm for her video script contributions; and to Patricia Johansson for her editorial assistance. We are also indebted to our students, past and present, who have challenged and inspired us along the way, and to our patients, who are both the recipients of our skills and our ultimate teachers.

Margaret Biblis, Jennifer Pine, Melissa Duffield, and the rest of the editorial staff of F. A. Davis have been beyond wonderful. This book would not have been possible without their belief in us, their outstanding skills, and their continued encouragement.

Finally, we thank our families and friends, whose patience, encouragement, and love have made this journey possible.

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